A Shropshire Wildling...

Jack is an award-winning film director based in the UK. His work is largely about creating moods, emotions and fantastical scenarios, each film acting like a dream capsule, inviting the viewer into a vivid new world, story and space.

Working for over 10 years across a variety of different areas - music, advertising, documentary, TV - he's as comfortable making zero budget DIY art films as he is big budget commercial productions with a crew of 100.

Some of Jack's filmic creations include… an Australian 1980s newsroom drama for The Staves, a surreal trip to the white cliff's of Dover for New Zealand artist Aldous Harding, the creation of a 90s style drag sitcom for the UK launch of RuPaul's Drag Race, a meta-satire for Young Fathers, an RPG disco fantasy for Swedish group Little Dragon and a German Expressionist meets Busby Berkley sci-fi epic for Elton John.

"Nobody really knows anything. Just do your own thing. You’ll be happier."
- Taiki Waititi