Super 8 footage from a magical trip to Barcelona back in 2005 🇪🇸

Pigeons, graffiti, Gaudí, Barri Gòtic, rainbows over la Sagrada Família, sunrise, sunset, food markets, hot hands, cold cervezas, Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night, LCD Soundsystem, M.I.A, Chemical Brothers, speed, techno horns, dogs drinking other dogs piss.

But these are not my memories, for I was not there.

I’ve heard stories from this trip so many times that they’ve become intertwined with my own memories of trips to Barcelona over the years to the point where I’ve appropriated them as my own. These memories are now my memories.

Super 8 : Venya Krutikov
Music : Dogshow
Edit : Jack Whiteley